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Returning to

Ben Sharafski

Love, Loss, and Everything in Between...

In his dazzling new collection, Israeli-Australian writer Ben Sharafski explores in six interlinked stories the dramas lurking under the surface of everyday life in suburban Sydney. Intense, candid and at times unsettling, Returning to Carthage does not shy away from dealing with the big issues: love, loss, betrayal, family bonds and the art of living.

Delivered in elegant, understated prose and with an almost tactile sense of place, Returning to Carthage is a book to be savoured.


ISBN: 9780645097702

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 156

Dimensions: 21.6cm x 14.0 cm / 8.5" x 5.5"

“Excellent! Desperately Sad.” – Les Murray (on Two Lives, Intersected)

"Richly atmospheric and deeply emotional stories... I can’t recommend this book highly enough..." - Reading High Blog


"An intriguing collection of short stories from a new Australian talent. Filled with an almost tactile sense of place..." - Goodreads review from Natasha


"Ben’s systematic layering of vivid imagery gives the entire collection a dreamlike quality while anchoring them very much in the here and now" - Goodreads review from Kristen

About the author

Ben Sharafski

Ben Sharafski is an Israeli-Australian writer who lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. His work has been published in Australia, Asia and the United States.

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Praise for Returning to Carthage

"Excellent! Desperately Sad."

Les Murray

(on Two Lives, Intersected)



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